The Story of
The Prayer For Impossible Things

Dear Reader:


A little over two years ago we received a VERY unusual letter.

I can’t show you all of it because some of it was personal, but here is the part that started all of this…

 “Can you please help me? I am desperate. My marriage, money, confidence is in trouble. I am scared and feel sick about everything all the time. Nothing I try seems to work. Do you know of any prayer that actually works?”

The reason this was unusual is that we are not a church, or a spiritual school or anything religious.

We have a little publishing business in a tiny beach-side town in Australia, and we make simple little meditation and deep learning audio programmes for our customers all over the world.

Better sleep, study faster, improve your memory, yoga breathing… that sort of thing.

Our "big thing" is that we research natural rhythms to pace the mind so that deep, fast learning can happen… rain falling, baroque music patterns, brainwave rhythm learning structures.

I could talk to you for hours about the reasons why the sound of rain on a tin roof, or waves crashing on the beach, change the way you learn things… but it’s kind of boring to most people.

It’s also what we specialise in.

Sciency stuff :)

But the letter got us thinking...

Were there any prayers out there that actually worked?


So we started searching… and what we found changed everything.

Firstly we found that there are MILLIONS of online searches EVERY MONTH for all sorts of questions about prayers, all over the world, in all languages.

LOTS of people are REALLY searching for an answer to this.

We quickly found that there are A LOT of prayers out there, but many of them are all about you having to pray for a better life after death… and that is different to what our reader was asking for help with.

They were looking for something that worked NOW.

That was the start of our little project we call... The Prayer For Impossible Things.


Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions please just ask in the Support Chat box in the bottom right of your screen.

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