I would like to share with you the strangest secret.


In the summer of 1956 stories started to spread around the world about a man who could help you get anything.


Whoever you were, whatever you wanted, all he did was sit and talk with you in a quiet, reassuring voice using this one simple thing, and weirdly, almost magically, things would start to change for you.


His name was Milton Erickson M.D, and he worked as a country doctor from his family home, a large 5 bedroom white house just out of town in Phoenix, Arizona.


In just a minute I will share with you what he taught me, and how it changed my life, and how I use it every day to help myself and others, but first let me explain how all this started.


You see I was looking for a way to start a new type of publishing business.


I wanted a way to help people, but without telling them what to do.


A way that they could find what was best for them.

Which is why that one thing I learned from him... changed everything.


He taught me that stories are the key. They are the secret life of us. The warp and weft of our fabric. The magic beans. The ju ju. If you want to change any part of your life. If you want to get other people to help you with anything or buy anything from you or do anything for you. If you want to get good at anything, you need good stories


They are important.


But equally important is how you tell the stories.


We all know that two people can tell the same story and one can be so boring you don't even hear what they are saying, while the other will hold your attention in such a way that you think about the story long after they have finished.


Almost like they have planted a seed in your mind.


The reason for this is that that we all have two minds... conscious and subconscious.


You can think of them as if you had 2 children.


One child is the one that likes rules and knowing that the school bus is on time, and the other child is wild and wakes up at night and goes off into the forest at night hunting for snarks and mushrooms wearing only a hat and some makeup they borrowed from your dresser.


But we need to feed and love and care for them both, for they are us.


If one is neglected, the whole suffers.


You need one thing that will keep both of them happy.


And the best easiest way to do that, is through telling them a story in such a way that they BOTH listen.


Once you learn how to do this one thing, and it is remarkably easy to do, you will have unlocked something valuable.


Something you can use for the rest of your life.


Something that will help you get anything you want, but will also help you easily get others to LOVE what you are doing and want to help you and buy from you and tell their friends about you.


I can tell you this works.


I have used this one thing to experience success in many ways in my life, and also to cope with the trials and disappointments that life can bring.


I now work with the best meditation artists all over the world to make little guided meditation programmes that use stories to help people with all sorts of things.

All the best,
Stephen Henry
ed. Stephen Henry Publishing


P.S. We make little guided story meditation programmes for all sorts of good things. Maybe they can help you go from where you are now, to where you really want to be.

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